About BEAM


About BEAM

The Biomedical Engineering Association Malaysia was established on the 23th Mac 2001 founded by Ir. Dr. Syed Mustafa Kamal Syed Aman with the assistance of a few engineers from the Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health.  Ir Dr. Syed Mustafa is also as the first President of BEAM.

The formation of BEAM was indeed timely as to originally promote the awareness in Bioengineering and Clinical Engineering in Malaysia and later, with the expansion of its objective for the advancement of healthcare facility engineering practices and technology in Malaysia.

Biomedical Engineering, as an application of engineering concepts and technology in the development of instrumentation, materials, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, play a major role in hospital’s healthcare activities.

The major role of BEAM is to provide the latest development in the management of medical technology, medical equipment and healthcare facility engineering to the members. BEAM, together with Engineering Services Division, Ministry of Health will ensure the continuing progress of healthcare services in Malaysia.

Through the work of its committee, BEAM is committed to continue advancement of Hospital and Healthcare engineering services and systems through sharing of knowledge and experiences into the twenty-first century in line with Vision 2020.


To provide the latest development in the management of medical technology, medical equipment and engineering facilities to ensure the continuous progress of engineering healthcare services in Malaysia


Dedicated to promote improved planning, design, operation and maintenance management of Hospital and Healthcare service systems and equipment through sharing of knowledge and experiences and developing competencies and knowledge data base through continuous trainings


  • To lead the mainstreaming of healthcare engineering facility management and Biomedical Equipment management as a core competence and to cultivate and maintain the highest possible standards of knowledge, skill, ethics and efficiency of those involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of health care facilities and the operation , maintenance and overall engineering management of Biomedical Equipment on a continuous basis.
  • To promote confidence between health care authorities and hospital engineers by ensuring that every person accepted into the Association is fully qualified for their particular membership level.
  • To provide support and information to assist members in their professional capacities.
  • To work and put in place the recognition of Biomedical Engineer as professional engineer.
  • Provide services to members that promote advancement in their professional practice
  • Promote high standards of ethics, conduct, education, and achievement by all member
  • Espouse the aims, objectives, and activities of the International Federation of Hospital Engineers (IFHE).

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